FATHERHOOD: Why Fathers Should Bond With Their Son

Fathers can be absent for so many reasons from their children that they, often times, go home not even knowing who their child is anymore. This is not the kind of fatherhood the world needs if we are to create a culture of remarkable men.Many father, nowadays, are not connected with their kids because they are either too busy building up their career instead of their relationship with their family or they are just plain “foolish”! But there is one thing that I think may be the #1 reason why there are fathers like this, and that is because they do not have an example to follow – they never had a father who spent quality time with them when they were a child.Now, in this article I will be talking about the importance of fathers bonding with their son. I will reserve my discussion about daughters in my next article. So here it it.Before I jump to my point, I would like to discuss first why many fathers do not bond with their child.It is important to know that dads have different styles and approach when it comes to family bonding. They get these ideas, first and foremost, from how their parents bond with them or from how they wished they could have bonded with their parents. However, every father knows that building a special bond with their kid is something that needs more than just effort – it needs commitment. Commitment to what? Commitment to make his child’s childhood something to remember about. Commitment to be his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first love.But why does many fathers do not bond with their children? In my previous article on Relationship Advice I discussed about how men are not too honest with their soft side. Although I was talking about a relationship between a man and a woman, this is also the same reason when it comes to expressing feelings to your kids, unfortunately.It is very important that children, especially your son, knows how to handle emotions by showing your own personal emotions.So why is it important for Fathers to develop a close bond with their son?I guess the main reason is exampleship! The reason why many men today are afraid of responsibilities or commitment is because they did not really had a father who was there to guide them with their feelings. The only example that they saw was a father who was too busy and never had the balls to spend some quality time with them.This world needs remarkable men, but how can that happen if fathers are not willing to make that happen?Make it happen my brother! Show them what fatherhood is all about. Be remarkable and start by bonding with your own son.If you want to share more tips on how you can be a hero to your son, please share it below in the comment box. I want to know what you are thinking about this.

The Eternal Father As Model for Fatherhood

When we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’ it is that very Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are children of God…~Romans 8:15c-16 (NRSV).If we cannot at first identify with God as our “daddy” – our Abba, Father – we cannot believe in the remaining aspects of the character of God. From this basis, our Eternal Father, we have life.AN IMAGE OF FATHERHOOD ALL HUMANITY NEEDSFrom this basis – a “fatherly” Eternal Father – we have bearing and derive meaning. From the vibrant image of God the course to fatherhood is set, and the drive to complete that course is engendered.From this image, also, we have the wherewithal to believe that life is good because we have a God who loves us. Though many unbelieving kin may underestimate the value of this perspective, it is irrefutable – by the very nature and need of family that we all have – that God has created an indelible model for us to follow.We were all once children; at that time we all needed responsible parents. It is only the rogue that never had this; never did they rely on worthy parents, for they never had them. There are many such unfortunates in this world. Why is it that they say they don’t need good parents (or the Eternal Father)? It is only because it hurts to go there.Nonetheless, we were all born to have an intimate relationship with our Eternal Father; the consummate Responsible Parent.FATHERHOOD – INHERENT TO RELATIONSHIPWhen we consider the innateness of intimacy between God as Father and us as his children we can see a connection, relationally, that bears primary consideration to all of life.As the Eternal Father is inherently and magnanimously relational, so are we to be.We can soon see that there is value in being a father and a human being to be relied upon, whilst there is little value in constantly disappointing the people who must rely on us. We’re inextricably linked with the rest of humanity in deeply interdependent ways.MIMICKING THE PERFECT MORALITY OF THE ETERNAL FATHERNot far from knowing the cataclysmic difference between the morality of Divinity and that of humankind, we still have the power in the Spirit to draw upon in our decision-making.We are, after all, children of the Most High God. We’re nothing less than Divinity’s kin – heirs to eternal fortune.These facts are good both ways. Perfection is not required of us, yet we have opportunities every day, indeed every moment, to reach the heights of God – our eternal model of fatherhood.© 2011 S. J. Wickham.